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not bad.

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this is one of the two commercials for Super Bowl 2015

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Oh, WOW!!

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Very Nice.

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I find this to be a very powerful and effective ad. It grabbed my attention from the opening scene with the woman out running on her blades for feet. The opening scene made me want to continue watching and then transitioned nicely into a shot of the new Toyota Camry driving on a similar road which quickly connected me to both the runner and the car. This ad elicited some emotion in me and made me feel inspired, which was a great technique and the music along with the speech in the background added nicely to the promotion of the car. I like how the shots of people driving new places and people with prosthetic feet were used to resemble the slogan Lets Go Places. It also showed bold people doing bold things, which made the camry seem like a car for the bold. I would definitely consider buying one after watching this.

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Marcus Bowers

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Very apt use of Ali.

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