Space Chair

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November 2009


Film advertisement created by Grey, United Kingdom for Toshiba, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Grey London, UK
Creatives: Andy Amadeo
Producer: James Covill
Production Company: Hungryman
Director: Andy Amadeo
DP: Harris
Producer: Matt Jones
Editing Company: The Whitehouse
Editor: Russell Ike & Ed Enayat
Post Production: The Mill
Producer: Chris Batten
Colourist: Seamus O’Kane
Lead 2D: Adam Grint
Flame Assist: Da
Kit: Baselight/Flame
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Guest's picture

I wish they showed the fall back to earth, since that's the most interesting part. But still cool.

gmint7's picture

ugh, a rip off from MIT students
sorry for the spoiler

but still it's nice :)

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Art Director at ad grad @ S Francisco |


slowrider's picture

well - here is an art piece that might have potentially been an inspiration:

it is not a red chair - no hd cameras were used - but the soundtrack is pretty similar

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Art Director at xxx |

one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

Creative Criminals's picture

I love this ad! View more facts and the making of:

Creative Criminals
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Guest's picture

no creativity on this one. stolen from 2 students. stealing is easy but hey, whatever

sirvan's picture

The problem I have w/ this is they didn't use the actual cameras they sell. Other than that, it's really cool.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

gmint7's picture

the didn't??? that sucks! lol
that's false ad

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Art Director at ad grad @ S Francisco |


Corbeen's picture

It is a method i agree to take ideas out of the world and to put them in advertising, every body does it... W + K they did it quite a lot of times (Honda Cog), but the diference with htis case is that u take a cover story, truly succsesfull cover story of 2 MIT students...
and not to mention the existance of this video , ..

why for the sake of god if someone placed a chair in the space u wanna do it for the second time ?.

So , ur job was connecting Toshiba with theese existing stories that u admire???

Maybe if ur idea was to put this on cannes , maybe u should have kept it in the shelf just right before the festival where nobody will have time to find anything and the hands of the jurry willl be enough confused to push green for this rip...:)

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Wordnerd's picture

great athmosphere (no pun). that would make a great google-maps ad

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Corbeen's picture


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Prof's picture

i came THIS close to muting that thing. why on earth would you put this extremely annoying fax/dial tone in that ad?

Activity Score 1449
Copywriter |

Quite really.

alexander_bickov's picture

Out of standarts. Like it!

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silvi's picture

Absolutly Different.

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Corbeen's picture

r u blind? they just re shoot an artist video. that is different? out of standard? they even didnt change the tone. what is the creativity in this case???

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Brainsugar's picture

I totally agree.

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Guest's picture

What is the marketing point? Armchair viewing is a message to the canera buyer's audience.. Why not to the potential buyer with a message like captures footage you never could before. (A better line than that, but you get my point) Or does "Armchair "mean something to Brits that it doesn't to this retired Yank agency CD?.

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