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September 2021


The second hand fashion app, Tise, is launching in the Nordics with a new and tangible mission to revolutionize the fashion industry for a more sustainable future. “Every 3rd time, choose 2nd hand, because we only have 1 planet” as the new saying goes. It’s a tangible, feasible aspiration – and Tise’s new platform. The work is created by the internationally acclaimed creative agency &Co. / NoA, and the hero film is starring the amazing fictional activist, z-list celebrity, and fashion personality, “Glinda”. Through an entertaining TV-shop universe – directed by Bertil Vorre and produced by New Land – Glinda advocates for Gen-Z (and anyone else who will listen to her) to buy second hand fashion through the Tise app.

Film advertisement created by &Co, Denmark for Tise, within the categories: Fashion, Retail Services.


Every 3rd time, choose 2nd hand, because we only have 1 planet.

Advertising Agency: &Co., Copenhagen, Denmark
Design: Bold Scandinavia
Production: New Land
Creative Director: Thomas Hoffmann
Art Director & Copywriter: Mathias Trads
Art Director: Lea Flodgaard
Junior Art Director: Sally Trier
Junior Art Director: Mette Hau Larsen
Account Director: Thomas Christenson
Account Manager: Nynne Seifert
Strategic Planner: Katrine Thamdrup
Media Strategist: Nynne Sille Hansen
Agency Producer: Filippa Borg Willer
Graphic Designer: Morten Grundsøe
Lead Designer: Jesper Nord
Designer: Mark Brunswicker
Finalising Design: Rikke Linneberg
Account Manager: Andreas Emilio Jakobsen
Executive Producer: Sara Samsøe, Thor Brammer Jacobsen
Producer: Dag Pepeonik
Director: Bertil Vorre
Runners: Katinka Brammer, Anna-Sofie Uth Juncker
Director Assistant: Atli Kristófer Pétursson
Director Of Photography: Rasmus Rørbæk
Editor: Ogi Curcic
Vfx: Alex Dubrocard
Focus Puller: Atli Kristófer Pétursson
Gaffer: Tobias Juhl
Best Boy: Anders Knudsen
Production Designer: Van Horn-Martin Johannsen
Propsmaster: Frano Pahor
Stylists: Pernille Holm & Rita Holm
Make-up: Stephanie Ephellum
Sound Recordist: Jonathan Franz Kaiser
Casting: Ditte Kiel & Ali Fearnley
Glinda: Helen Bang
Sidekick 1: Alexandra Blok
Sidekick 2: Amanda Mains Gyalokay
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