Three Bears. Better than one.

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June 2020


Fedoriv Agency has filmed a series of quarantine ads for Three Bears, an ice-cream and frozen foods brand.

The communication was a part of the brand's new sharing-focused positioning. The message was that a meal is a great thing to socialize over. Ice cream feels tastier when consumed in a company of friends, and a shared bowl of pelmeni makes people at the table a little closer.

In March 2020, the team was ready to launch the campaign when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Ukraine. It thus became unclear if the sharing-focused positioning will fit in the new reality and if the ads in this vein won't cause any misunderstanding in the world retreating into social distancing.

The direction chosen was dictated by the reality itself. During the quarantine, the people's socialization needs have become especially acute—balcony singing and daily live streams are just a few examples of that. This social context has suggested a new form for the idea of sharing. And ice cream itself has become a highly sought product during the quarantine, being one of the few affordable pleasures to comfort oneself during the turbulent times.

In a fashion not typical for other companies in the ice cream market, the client emphasized the importance of the creative staying within the social context. During the brainstorming session over Zoom, the agency came up with a new idea: to show the importance of personal interactions through loneliness that we all felt during the quarantine. Confined to our flats, we felt like prisoners or shipwreck victims stranded in the middle of the ocean. This ‘confinement’ inspired the team to use prison and lighthouse as metaphors for loneliness.

In addition to the positioning and the video, Fedoriv Agency created a new strategy and visual identity for Three Bears".

Film advertisement created by Fedoriv Agency, Ukraine for Three Bears, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Fedoriv Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine
Video by: Family Production
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