Women's & men's fall 2021 collection

March 2021


American fashion house Thom Browne launches its Fall Runway 2021 collection with a striking avant-garde film. With Paris Fashion Week’s on-site show cancelled in January due to the Coronavirus pandemic, designers have had to adapt the ways in which they showcase their new collections. For Thom Browne and production company Drive Studios, this was with a fantastical story of one woman who leaves reality behind, embarking on a journey through the surreal snowy world of haute-couture.

Director: Carissa Gallo / Drive Studios
Line Producer: Andrew Gallo
Executive Producer: Ned Brown
Executive Producer: Justin Diener
ECD: Rich Lee
Creative Supervisor: Louise Baker Lee
VFX Lead: Dan Karp
Editor: Dave Checel
Music Composer: Ben Brunnemer
Online Editor: Ben Thornburgh
Production Coordinator: Leah Fuentes
Creative Director: Thom Browne / Thom Browne
Production: Drive Studios
Director: Carissa Gallo
Music: Ben Brunnemer
Casting: Adam Hindle
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