The Ultimate Holiday Commercial

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December 2017


Two creatives, tasked with creating a “sincere holiday greeting,” envision a grab bag of a spot filled with... affluence, Jingle Bells, abundant gifts (and purchases), kittens, puppies, polar bears, romance, retro, ethnic diversity, dancing Santa, VR Santa, dancing cookies, dreamy kids (dreaming of clients’ products and services), lumber. The closing voiceover, as they would have it, is “genuine, sincere, heartfelt,” as it states, “The very best thing about the holidays is you. Our warmest holiday greeting and best wishes for the new year.”

The spot-within-a-spot ends, and over a festive photo of Brunner staff (Michael Brunner in elf hat), a final super states “at least we nailed the sincerity part.”

Advertising Agency: Brunner, Pittsburgh, USA
Creative Director: Jeff Shill
Copywriters: Rick Hebert, Jennifer Rignani
Executive Creative Director: Rob Schapiro
Associate Creative Director: Silver Cuellar
Senior AD: Lindsay Zarczynski
Voiceover: Alex Kotz (Account Manager), Jonathan Banks (Junior Copywriter)
Production Company: stock (Getty Images)
Post-production: BWorks
Agency Producers: Bill Moore, Jason Mileto
Production Sup: Jim Lundy
Senior Account Manager: Amber Giannone
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