Lil’ Ronnies, Bath

October 2009

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Some notes from Gary Thomas, Crush Creative Director, on the work:

We have been working with Ron, and his producer Lynn Harvey, for four years on their New Years specials for the CBC. When the CBC gave Ron the go ahead to do his own series, we were thrilled to be a part of it. Ron wanted to develop an animated segment based on the package we did for his "Back Home" special which was a cut out style that followed him as a child in Cape Breton. For the series we used adult heads and children's bodies, which is occasionally creepy (in a cool way). We co-directed the spots with Imported Artists' Dale Heslip and had a crew of ten animators working on the twelve episode series. To create the spots we used a combination of 2D software packages in a pipeline we developed on

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way too south park-ish

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Quite really.

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The net connection is slow`````

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