No rain no washing

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October 2014


Film advertisement created by Africa, Brazil for The Nature Conservancy, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Africa, Brazil
Creatives: Sergio Gordilho, Estefanio Holtz, Marcos Almirante
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Sergio Gordilho
Agency Producers: Rodrigo Ferrari, Patricia Melito, Mariana Hermeto
Client Services: Celina Esteves, Ricardo Kalef, Luiza Bovino
Media: Luiz Fernando Vieira, Rodrigo Famelli, Cristiane Petrucci, Gustavo Campos
Institutional Relations: Rosi Ferreira
Production Company: Fat Bastards
Executive Producers: Andre Pinho, Fernando Carvalho
Director: Alaska
DOP: Daniel Belinky
Editor: Henrique Danieletto
Post-producer: Elton Bronzeli
Post-production: Nash
Sound production company: Antfood
Sound producers: Pedro Bostaris, Lou Schimidt
Voice Over: Lou Schimidt
Approved by / client: Marcelo Moura
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it's OK to have an opinion

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The end saved it.

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This commercial made me laugh out loud. I really enjoyed it! I enjoyed it for many reasons. There is a stereotype for carwashes. Guys come to them and sexy women come out in little clothing and not only washing the cars, but also themselves. One thing I liked about this commercial was the fact that the women was very beautiful but she also was classy at the same time. I think that it is interesting that from the very beginning of commercial you can tell that it is from a different country because of her. In the US, women that are portrayed in that type of way have one typical look: skinny and tall. This woman in the commercial still skinny and beautiful but just looks different than the US commercial woman. Another thing I really enjoyed about this commercial was the comical factor. The women acted as a tease to the car driver, then got up and he became upset over that fact. I love that he got out to chase her, then read what she wrote on his dirty car. There was a man that worked at the car wash was sitting in a chair next to the car. When the woman walked away, the camera panned to him and he was then acting interested in the car driver. My favorite part of the commercial was the song playing throughout. The lyrics of the song varied from repetition of the work “no” to the whole phrase “no washing”. This song had a sexy tone to it to help the mood of the commercial, but the entire time was telling the audience the message.

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Great way to think outside the box and use such a simple principal and give it a refreshing twist, it definitely makes you think that dirty is cool specially when the girl came in the scene and started rubbing the car. I also like how they used sex instead of selling to stop help a good cause and I think they did it in a a ver polite and Funny way. I had never seen a add with that big of a twist honestly it totally surprised me, I was expecting idk to see the dirty car washer to get wet and wild. Not to see the girl come out move around a little bit to just to move a round and write the slogan of the campaign in the hood. In general a very good and funny way to increase awareness on the water crisis in Sao Pablo.

Hugo Paredes
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Hugo Paredes

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I like the idea itself

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it's OK to have an opinion

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To put it simply: it sucked.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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dirty is not cool. sorry to tell you that...

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