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November 2013


Publishers: Range Road Music, Inc., France Music Corp.

Film advertisement created by Dead As We Know It, United States for The Kraken, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Dead As We Know It, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mikal Reich
Creatives: Ella Wilson, Charmaine Choi, Kirsten Larson, Andrew Kay, Jesse Adelman
Senior Producer: Kirsten Larson
Animation / VFX & Design: Blur Studio
Director: Tim Miller
CG Supervisor: Jerome Denjean
FX Supervisor: Kirby Miller
Producer: Tiffany Webber
Executive Producer: Al Shier
Layout Supervisor: Franck Balson
Character Modeling Lead: Mathieu Aerni
Character Modeling: Alessandro Baldasseroni, Daniel Garcia, Chris Grim, Alex Litchinko, Jesse Sandifer
Rigging Supervisor: Jeremie Passerin
Rigging Development TD: Enoch Ihde
Rigging Lead: Jennifer Hendrich
Rigging: Steven Alley, Justin Callanan, Brent Wiley
Animation: Isaac Fernandez, Jason Hendricks, Bryan Hillestad, Nick Whitmire
Cloth Supervisor: Jon Jordan
Cloth Lead: Luis Lopez
Cloth: Justin Callanan, Don de Castro, Tyler Fox, Dyllan Lu, James Marcus, Lennon Montejo, Jace Timmer
Environment Modeling: Jinho Jang
Prop Modeling: Zack Cork, Colin James
Lighting and Compositing Lead: Colin James
Lighting and Compositing: Simon Blanc, Darren Butler, Peter Wildman
FX: Brian Alvarez, Matthew Benson, Wayne Hollingsworth, Matt James, Matt Radford, Brandon Riza, Brandon Young
Technical and QC: Jennifer Hendrich, Jon Jordan, Luis Lopez
Concept Design: Leopard Snow
Production Coordinator: Jessie King
Production Assistant: Amanda Powell
Tools and Scripts: Brendan Abel, Jeffrey Beeland, Mike Hendricks
Programming and Systems Administration: Jeremy Donahue, Paul Huang, Matt Newell, Duane Powell, Perry Randall
Post Finishing House: Artjail
Music Company: Yessian
Executive Producer: Mary Ellen O’Brien, Marlene Bartos
Music Track License: “Beyond the Sea”
Song Writers: Jack Lawrence, Charles Trenet, Albert Lasry
Performer: Bobby Darin
Label: Warner Music Group
Sound Design: Jafbox Sound
Designer: Joseph Fraioli
Audio Mix: Heard City
Mixer: Keith Reynaud
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Highest Rated

spoild's picture

Very cool yet a bit ikky.. makes me wonder what the Rum tastes like.. Hence, great job!

Activity Score 17
Creative Director
your mom's picture

this is beautiful son. you make me so proud. congrats

your mom
Activity Score 737
Creative Director |

Don't argue with your mom!

kleenex's picture

nice ad.

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
Sacrilegend's picture

As a fanatic -- no, a bloody zealot of this rum, I couldn't hate anything about this if I tried. I'm interested to see where this brand goes.

Activity Score 3394
Diana Báez Castelán's picture


Diana Báez Castelán
Activity Score 86
spoild's picture

Very cool yet a bit ikky.. makes me wonder what the Rum tastes like.. Hence, great job!

Activity Score 17
Creative Director
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