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May 2009

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Film advertisement created by Doner, United States for The Coleman Company, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Doner, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Strasberg
Creative Directors: Karen Cathel & Jimmy Kollin
Art Directors: Darrell Credeur & Jeremy Moy
Copywriters: Derek Clark & Alanna Kulas
Agency Producer: Jill Prost-Ray
Voiceover Talent: Sam Elliott
Music: Gomez
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Feels OK.. not a ton of emotion in this ad. The end line "The original social networking site" is a little clunky monkey

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meh, almost there. needs something. maybe a better extrapolation of that insight of bringing people together. brings people together why... for what benefit, can I get just a scosh more on that benefit,maybe? Derek, Alanna, can you have a rewrite on my desk by the morning. Darrell, Jeremy, I like the direction we're going here but can you guys show me a few more boards? Marcy, get sam elliot on the phone, I'm getting more western loner in his voice than we need...

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I actually like these.

The footage feels home-grown, down to earth and doesn't have the usual pretence.
It just feels like something you'd like to be a part of.

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love it

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Well, I love the idea, but I don't think we need facebook and myspace called out. I would have just "warmed up" the voice over and left out the parallel, then ended with "The original social networking site." Everyone would have gotten it.

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Something just isn't clicking for me... But I like the idea. That is, besides having to hear the word "site" twice in the strapline. That’s just repetitive.

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It is advertising the idea of camping more than it is Coleman.

This could have been for the Boy or Girl scouts, Shimano fishing poles, Big Brother/Big Sisters or The Wonder Years.

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Sam Elliot can make anything sound cool, except for the phrase, "the original social networking site." the photography is nice and rich and believable, but that line is so sterile, it doesn't jive with what was just shown.

I would have totally worked in "the dude abides."

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