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September 2012

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Film advertisement created by Lg2, Canada for The Capital Transit Network, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec, Canada
Creative Director: Luc Du Sault
Copywriters / Art Directors: Luc Du Sault, Nicolas Boisvert
Account Planners: Catherine Darius, Mireille Côté, Alexandra Laverdière
Account Manager: Alexandra Laverdière
Production House: Nova Film
Director: François Lallier
Producer: Dominik Beaulieu
Director of Photography: Richard Tremblay
Media Agency: Alexandre Pascal Lamoureux, Mylène Fortier
Sound Design: Andres Norembuena / Boogie Studio
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Highest Rated

Corbeen's picture

good & fresh...:)

Activity Score 1095
Lisbon freak's picture

Great insight.

Lisbon freak
Activity Score 496
Creative Director at Toronto
metis's picture

I want more of these!! Client lets find the money and get those creatives cracking!

Activity Score 413
kleenex's picture

I want more two...

Activity Score 58791
Web Designer/Developer
certaintly's picture

wouldnt this apply more to laughter?
like when someone tells a funny joke and there's that one guy who always gets it late.

Activity Score 3988
alausa's picture

certaintly, I believe you just stumbled on their first thought.

Activity Score 1420
Creative Director at Noah's Ark
Temple's picture

Not sure that "more time to think on the bus" is a great insight (i find it rather ridiculous), good spots however.

Activity Score 11341
Creative Director
Sacrilegend's picture

It's absolutely true. I'm not sure if you take public transit very often, but since moving within walking distance of my workplace, I miss the train immensely. It truly is a great time to simply sit back and reflect.

It may sound ridiculous, but this is a pretty honest (and curiously poignant) insight.

Activity Score 3394
Anne's picture

I think it's a good insight. Time is the new currency.

Activity Score 508
Art Director
kalpesh78's picture

love it.

Activity Score 2578
Chief Creative Officer at Uniqish Brand Creche |

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

somecopywriter's picture

Great stuff, short and sweet.

Activity Score 1113
Copywriter at Boomtown
miko1aj's picture

great great great. Simple. Captivating. WIth great potential. True and honest. SHORT!
It's like a pin. pin message.
good shot

Activity Score 3086
chiflete comunic's picture

cool, simple and cool.

chiflete comunic
Activity Score 91
Corbeen's picture

good & fresh...:)

Activity Score 1095
abake's picture

Agree with certaintly, I think it would've worked better with the person who doesn't get the joke.
Still, very good and hugely campaignable.

Activity Score 1262
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