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October 2020


In the modern world, we have dating apps to meet a potential business partner or love affair, or even a one-night stand adventure. But in real-life, communication works differently. We never know how things with our new acquaintances might go. It all depends on us. The Breakfast ( wanted the manifesto to embody the core of their brand philosophy. Our goal was to communicate this message to the US audience.
The Breakfast went for «chance» instead of «match,» to name a new potential acquaintance. You can meet him or her at breakfast and make this «chance» your «match» or anything you want. Rendezvous between two people is always a chance. A chance to meet a future colleague, friend, muse, good sexual encounter, love of a lifetime, or someone who will turn out to be a pain in the neck. Our commercial is a statement voiced by potential acquaintances. They tell you that they can be anything, but you will never find it out until you take the chance.

Film advertisement created by Drama Queen, Ukraine for The Breakfast, within the categories: Electronics, Technology, Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: Drama Queen, Kyiv, Ukraine
Creative Director, Copywriter: Anya Goncharova
Sound: Jan Wangesslen
Videographer: Liza Zui
Co-founder / The Breakfast: Eteri Saneblidze
Co-founder, art-director / The Breakfast: Liza Oreshkina
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