Men will be Men

October 2019


“Men will be men” is a short awareness video which was published on 2nd October, The International Non-violence Day. The idea was to aware people about the misconception of manliness and masculinity. In Bangladesh, domestic and social violence is a common thing. In many cases, these abuses are not even considered as abuses. Even in 2019 there are many social restrictions present here. In most of the cases, men that are in a pursuit of becoming an able man in eyes of the society are unknowingly causing this violence both mentally and physically. The main objective of the short was to divert men from the misconception of applying brute force is manly. At the same time, people from all areas of Bangladesh can relate to this from their perspectives. Women who also believed and had already complied with the same misconception as men will also get to know. Because we’re all human first before we’re a man or a woman. And only body strength will not get us to the place we want to go. Strength is necessary but it is not everything. Real men will understand first before they make a use of their strength.

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