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I think this advertisement does a really good job representing the 2015 summer collection for Ted Baker. As a part of the audience, the impression I got from the brand is that they are trying to use a specific, yet creative, marketing technique that is inviting to the viewer. And what is more inviting than a beach setting? I think the use of IMC techniques work really well together; if the intention was to promote comfort luxury wear. This ad was especially good in showing the wear-ability of the clothes from day to night as well as the ease of being able to wear fashion forward clothing in a beach setting. I assume automatically the clothes are made of soft and lightweight fabrics just from seeing the actors wearing them in the commercial. As a fashion enthusiast, I know the originality of this brand, which is night and formal wear, but I appreciate that this ad offers a new way of wearing the luxury brand in a setting not traditionally intended upon.

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I think you are selling the ad, too obvious,

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Here's the short version. It's pretty boring but shows off the clothes.

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I'm gonna try say something positive

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The music was not that bad in this borefest.

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Nice collection but too dull

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Too long...boring!

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