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October 2010


Film advertisement created by P.T.Pars, Iran for Tanasay, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: P.T.Pars, Tehran, Iran
Creative Director: Mohsen Ghapanoori
Art Director: Pooneh zafarnia
Copywriter: Pooneh zafarnia
Director: Mohsen Ghapanoori
Animation: Omid Kashani
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Idea is not bad. better than the other bullship advertisments in iranian tv :-) the execution ist terrible. acting and sound too

morse's picture

Terrible audio and acting. About the concept. Clearly living under religion and dictatorship affected the creative's minds. Be happy regardless of what experiments are performed on you. Ugh.

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gioborde's picture

i agree the concept is nothing new. But to assume that this creative is influeced or inflicted upon by social or religious factors, just because of the idea, is in your mind. If this had been done by any other country, that fact you refer to would be nothing but ignored. This is just a lame execution to a very old concept . No need to go beyond.

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jackmancer2017's picture

Heh I found it pretty funny but in a bad way.

krautland's picture

I'm all for showing more happy fatties but this one needs a proper concept.
ivan, why is this on here?

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jackmancer2017's picture

To show what Iran is doing lately I suppose :)

ivan's picture

Sometimes I want to inspire, other times inform. I realize this is not a winning idea, but it's interesting to show how creatives and clients think in Iran.

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nimasib's picture

I know its not a professional kind of commercial. When you work with a state-run television that has experience of advertisement only for 10 years and 200 pages of a regulation book with lots of forbidden things in , its; really difficult to make a commercial like this

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i see. the idea ist not bad! better than the other bullshit advertisment in iranian tv. But the quality of the execution is very bad, and the problems with the regulations are not the reason for this quality. you need better actors, better sound. but this is very expensive and i am sure no one in iran would pay that. a commercial like that costs about 200.000 euro in a good quality.

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Idea is not bad. better than the other bullship advertisments in iranian tv :-) the execution ist terrible. acting and sound too

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The worst i ever saw in adsoftheworld. So damn bad - i want to rip of my eyes.

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I'll blame cultural differences on this one.

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The idea was good but it was destroyed by bad art direction.

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Temple's picture

For guests saying this is the worst they have seen in AOTW, they problably have seen very little stuff on AOTW. Now, on the other hand, congratulations to Ivan for his enormous work. Advertising is a reflection of culture, and through it, one gets insights to countries which seem exotic, military, or just plain weird. AOTW has really become a trully global meeting point for advertising people. I would even want Ivan to bring us something from North Korea advertising, supposing such a thing exists.

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Nima.. I really appreciate your mindset and concept. I think that under this kind of limitations it`s so great! but it deosn`t mean that you don`t need more creativity and innovation in your work.

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because I think in Iran conditions it s so great

BabakMedia's picture

Waste of time and ridiculous.

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