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April 2008


Film advertisement created by FCB, United States for Taco Bell, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Orange County, USA
Creative Directors: Chris D'Amico, Teddy Brown
Art Director: Andrew Lincoln
Copywriter: Zachary Schmitz
Director: John O'Hagan
Production Company: RSA FILMS
Agency Producer: Tom Anderson
Editors: Justin Amore @ Optimus
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CGilb09's picture

Immature humor, not working for me at all, especially since the demographic for the ad seems to be young, intelligent professionals.

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Northlich/ University of Cincinnati |

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Crisp One's picture

i just threw up all over myself.

C Gilb09, the demo is 16 to 20ish.
Anybody who can go to a actual club
wouldn't go to Taco Bell instead
or beforehand. Trickle down factor, guy.

Crisp One
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Other at New York
shahidali's picture

is the food sexy? Does it have a viagra effect?

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


Alistair C.'s picture

lame and without any connection to real consumers.

Alistair C.
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darkluna's picture

quit silly concept

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graphic designer
kergu's picture

he said: is intoxicated?... Ya no quiero taco bell

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XL's picture

I like it. I think the insight is dead on. Dudes love bacon. Say no more. Pass the guac.

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mikepants2005's picture

If this ad was written by a pre-pubescent girl then I'd understand the Laughable and childish humour but 'Zachary Schmitz' you should be FUCKING ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

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Crisp One's picture


yea, this script is fuhking clown shoes

Crisp One
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