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December 2018


This is an advertisement for a brand of spice which is commonly used in the western part of India. It is a blend of many spices.

As most of you may know, India is a hot pot of cultures and cuisines and tastes with people, languages and food changing with every passing kilometer. Even in a state like Maharashtra, which is one of the largest states in India, each and every city has a different spice mix.

The USP of this spice blend was that no matter what you cook, you only need to add this 'single' spice blend to make it tasty. So whether you cook different things for different members of the family, you can use this spice for each recipe without adding anything else.

So, we, at Boing, decided to stay away from the usual cooking and hassled mother and went a bit into our history, and into the Royal kitchens at the time of the Mahabharata (the Royal Indian Epic).

In our story, Draupadi, the queen with 5 husbands is complaining that she has a hard time while cooking because each of her husbands wants to eat something different. Her aunt-in-law, Gandhaari, mother to over 100 kids (who has blindfolded herself because her husband is also blind) reveals to her that she uses Suruchi Goda Masala for her cooking. She doesn't need anything other spice, making cooking much less of a hassle.

We created this commercial in a typical Indian Folk song and dance format of Laavani (a folk song style from the West Indian state of Maharashtra). We enjoyed writing and making this commercial and we certainly home you feel the same.

Film advertisement created by Boing, India for Suruchi Goda Masala, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Boing, Mumbai, India
Copywriters: Sunila Karir, Anand Karir
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I guess it works for the country / brand.

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