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What has in common cleaning the world, drowning in the sea and useless superhero?
Non comprehensible ad is the answer.

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Ivan, i dont know whats happening around here but please..stop feeding crap like these with undeserved visibility. Is that a website about advertising or a website about crappy-student-like works?

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Thanks for the honest feedback. I'm trying my best. I though this looks interesting. Execution is intentionally amateur. The take on the issue is novel.

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and Ivan, please, don't give a f*ck about the stupid claims. You're doing very well and this site is one of my favorite ad sources ever. Thank you

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I agree, if u don't like the work pass to the next.

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what's wrong with u man? Would u please stop command here and go somewhere else with your stupid comments. This is a website (and the best one may be) about all of advertising and not about angry for some reasons guys (students, i think), who want to show their very sophisticated bla-bla-bla

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I'd love to see the work all the bitter critics have done. You have a site that is so full of negative feedback you wonder if the only people on here are Dan Wieden and Jeff Goodby.

Have some constructive feeback people, or just go back to your low paying direct mail job and shut the hell up.

You are all what makes this business such a ego jerkoff session.

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of course this clip is crap. it's as crappy as the whole negative comments on this site. why the people can't just watch this stuff? Ivan, you're doin a great job, indeed.

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I think the only problem with this ad, which I enjoy, is that it was attached to a page where (not verified) users can post.

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If all these bad ads do not exist, good ads will never look good.

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It's a brilliant ad.

And I think this place is too full of early 20's try hard wannabe-s.

The Consumer
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The thing in common is the insight - everyone waits for someone else, someone bigger, someone stronger, someone given the responsibility - to do the job.

Can you remember one time when you ran out across the road to help an accident victim? Or picked up stray rubbish on the ground in a public park and placed it in a bin. Why?

The Consumer
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by the way - very smart idea! But the production is lame ):

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Totally lovely. Idea is strong. Fun ad..

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i like it !
the production fits well the idea and it makes sense to me

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After 3 years, this ad is still as vintage stupid as in Day #1. Ahhhh, the campness.

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