The words I won't say

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May 2020


Recently voted in France (40 years after European countries like Sweden), the law for the educational violence abolition (slapping, spanking, pinching, humiliation) states that parental authority is exercised without physical or psychological violence and prohibits all Ordinary Educational Violence. Beyond the law, and after centuries of existence, habits persist in French homes. It is the mission of the StopVEO association to support parents towards awareness and good parenting. But how to raise parents aware of the harmful effects of such violence, without making them feel guilty and question their whole education method?

Publicis Conseil has designed a 3’10’’ film of a rare emotion that moves deeply and goes far beyond telling parents the right way to educate. Brilliantly directed by Laura Sicouri (Insurrection), the film stages a very strong relationship between a mother and her child, through two temporalities, a present and a dream up, that evoke that it is possible not to be violent.

This film questions us about what we lose when we give in to educational violence while making an ode to the love for children. When people use educational violence, they give up communication with their child and reduce one of the strongest relationships to a nonconstructive gesture. The film entitled "The words I won’t say " illustrates this moment of loss sharing.

Film advertisement created by Publicis, France for StopVEO, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Co-president: Marco Venturelli
Executive creative Director: Fabrice Delacourt
Copywriter: Kevin Salembier
Art director: Julien Boissinot
Business director: Anne Dauvé
Strategic planner: Marine Catalan, Rémy Zalcman
TV Producer Prodigious: Benjamin Auberdiac
Production: Insurrection
Producer: Hélène Daubert
Director: Laura Sicouri
DOP: Mélodie Preel
Production director: Nazha Dahmani
Edit: Géraldine Mangenot
Sound production: Prodigious
Sound producer: Boris Nicou, Thomas Anduze
Sound engineer: Olivier Vehert
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