Stolen car

September 2007


Advertising Agency: Campbell-Ewald, USA
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Debbie Karnowsky
VP, Agency Executive Producer: John Haggerty
SVP, Associate Creative Director: Chip Kettering
VP, Senior Copywriter: John Dolab
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro
Executive Producers: Shawn Lacy,Eric Stern
Co-Producer: Jay Veal
VFX: Animal Logic
VFX Supervisor: Nick Ponzoni
VFX Producer: Nerissa Kavanagh
VFX Production Coordinator: Kate Stenhouse
Lead Compositor: Nick Ponzoni
Senior Compositor: Leoni Willis, Angus Wilson, Kim Fogelberg
Compositor: Howard Hill
Assistant Compositor: Jodi Tyne
Lead Shake Compositor: Vaughn Arnup
Shake Compositor: Charlie Armstrong, Laura Dubsky, Jamie Nimmo
Director (Pneumonics): Toby Grime
3D Lead (Pneumonics): Feargal Stewart
3D Artist (Pneumonics): Paul Braddock, David Hyde, Paul Perrott, Bhakar James, Sandy Sutherland, Sotiris Bakosis
3D Artists (Pneumonics): Tristan North
Colorist (Commute): Eric Whipp
Music & sound design: Nylon Studios
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Highest Rated

pixelbomb1's picture

good eye.

Activity Score 2385
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Arnold Santillan

moisescho's picture

awesome production. poor idea.

Activity Score 178
Art Director
vampiro's picture

To my they robbed a car to me and it did not have safe, can be insight very selective but simultaneously to a great number of people they rob the car to him. That good that to you a car has not robbed him. But this is a good idea, thought by somebody to which already this so painful situation happened to him.

Corbeen's picture

wow... what a waste of money .. i wonder how do they sell this..

Activity Score 1089
aya_sushi's picture

pleasing to the eyes but i'm not convinced.

Activity Score 10
Photographer at Student
Joe Harris's picture

and the award for the longest list of credits goes to...

Joe Harris
Activity Score 176
Creative Director |

If at first you dont succeed... don't try parachuting

ang's picture

im must say i like it a lot... but there's one BIG mistake in the direction that killed it for me... when the wall is closing up on the guy from behind, he turns left. BUT in the next shot, it clearly shows that he's turning right... I'm sorry but i cant take these kinds of amateurish mistakes...

pixelbomb1's picture

good eye.

Activity Score 2385
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Arnold Santillan

adi_in's picture


Alessandro Boggiano's picture

Gorgeous production.

I ask my self how much these kind of ads can help the client.
There is no vicinity to the brand at the end of the spot. They make you feel fear, but don't give you any protection DURING the accident, only AFTER... So you feel alone..
And I also don't like tha animation with logo that crashes or hurts etc. etc., simulating the accident narrated in every spot, because I feel it as a subliminal weakening of the brand, not something fun.

Alessandro Boggiano
Activity Score 107
Art Director at University: Political science |


coldnfuzzy's picture

Awesome, pretty close to the feeling you have when your cars stolen. It would work for any one whos had his car towed or stolen. Top marks.

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