Public Security, Hero Citizen

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December 2019


Public Security: Inspired by national police movies, this campaign aims to portray the newly elected state administration’s tougher perspective in public security - a major issue for Brazilians everywhere. The ads also showcase the exceptional results this shift in perspective is achieving in terms of falling criminality. The video piece in particular was a hit between civil servants, civilians and advertising professionals. It even inspired other states to follow a similar path in their public security communication.

Hero Citizen: This campaign was created in order to showcase the heroic deeds that, different from the super powered fictional heroes, are undertaken by everyday people whose only superhuman ability is their deep interest in their communities. Along with the video was launched a site where people could submit videos in which these heroic deeds were shown or described, and the top 10 voted heroes by the general population were awarded an official government medal specially designed for the initiative.

Film advertisement created by Stylus Propaganda, Brazil for State Government of Goias, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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