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Johnzg's picture

Very funny, I liked the idea.

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Touluse Lautrec
morse's picture

I like it. It's fun. But I wonder if this is insensitive to those who actually live under such dictatorships, like N. Korea or China?

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Art Director |

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Prof's picture

China? Wow you are beyond clueless... If you had said that 50 years ago i wouldnt mind. but now? just shows too much biggotry.

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Copywriter |

Quite really.

ghostpro521's picture

It's N.Korea.....Thanks...

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beijing dentsu
atb2005's picture

Best commercial posted today.

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kleenex's picture

WOW!!! did not see that coming....

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Web Designer/Developer
TommyO's picture

Made me smile, nothing more.

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Copywriter |

That's me!

DKB's picture

Guys... How is it all that different to this?

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AdBuzzer's picture

It's certainly far better than the dull Coca-Cola commercial posted today. It will stick out in a commercial break and I'm sure the target group notices it. Is it insensitive to the nations living under dictatorships? Well, I'm sure they need to laugh at their dictators from time to time to survive, so if they have a chance to see it, they might even enjoy it.

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Marketing Manager |

JeffP's picture

Haha, but the Rocky song remixed?

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Marketing Manager at TomTom
Ads.chinaSMACK's picture

We are amused...

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Advertising @ chinaSMACK

Manishi's picture

its gud...i like it.

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Graphic Designer
sirvan's picture

Wow. Took a bad turn there.

The idea that the Dictator is enjoying something they all want is the bigger idea. Not some dance sequence. Shame.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

miko1aj's picture

i don't like it. Sorry. It had good start, and it's superbly edited, but there's no idea for a good twist here. Just "can u feel it"... i was strongly dissapointed with such an ending. It's very old school style of advertising things. And it's very clientish. Making a product something in the shape of "golden calf" turning a world into a better place. See? If you express an idea - it sounds pathetic. Oh c'mon! It's a SODA drink, not the Messiah!

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tytpol's picture

Stupid. But funny.

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Copywriter |

Johnzg's picture

Very funny, I liked the idea.

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Touluse Lautrec
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