Space Jam Farms

December 2020


A jam company is trolling Warner Brothers by selling a URL the movie-makers should have bought for its 2021 Space Jam sequel.

The website “” was nabbed by an independent jam brand pushing a product made with its special “number two” recipe that resembles constellations when spread. But if jam isn’t your jam, it’s also selling the URL for the totally fair sum of $1 million, or best offer.

Proceeds will go to a charity if execs behind the anticipated sequel fork out for the website name they were too slow to own.


Handmade Jam and Website for Sale

Director: Pete Marquis
Creative Director: Hunter Fine
Editor: Nick Divers
Assistant Editor: Kenneth Munoz
Sound Mix: Joel Raabe
Colorist: Louis Kreusel
Lead Actor: Daniel Mccann
Lead Actress: Maria Olsen
Cinematographer: Peter S. Thompson
Assistant Camera Operator: Diona Mavis
Key Grip: Mark Ramsey
Production Designer: John Flanagan
Props: Denny Bales
Production Sound: Ben Allison
Hair and Makeup: Liz Rizo
Visual FX: Rehman Ali
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