The Beresheet Effect

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April 2019


It is one of the greatest stories ever told. A small country with fewer people than Manhattan is set to become the fourth nation in history to land on the Moon. It’s even more impressive when you realize that this journey to the Moon began as a private initiative. As time passed by, and the project of Beresheet became bigger, the dream of a few became the dream of a whole nation.

The movie begins with gratitude towards the kids and people of Israel: Thank you for dreaming with us. The score that leads the movie is called Beresheet (Genesis), just like the spacecraft, an old Israeli classic that opens with the words: “In the beginning there was sky.” Today the sky is no longer the limit. Our kids, following in the footsteps of Beresheet, can dream far and beyond the sky, outer space and the Moon. Beresheet is our gift to them. Go on Beresheet. Land safely!

Film advertisement created by Citymedia, Israel for SpaceIL, within the categories: Industrial, Agriculture, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Citymedia, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Lior Sasson
Photographer: Avi Karpick
Executive producer: Shabtai Itzhak
Director: Aviv Maaravi
Composed by: Tomer Biran / 1 Audio Artists
Mix: Hodi Ben-Ari
Offline: Deadan Ouziel
Post: Yoram Altman, Itay Schiff /Gravity
Production Company: Colorfilm
Special Thanks: Morris Kahn, Dafna Jackson / Scherf Communications
Lyrics: Ehud Manor ZL
Composed by: Noy Nimoy Tzvika
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