S.M.A.A. Meeting

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August 2009


Caviar, Los Angeles/Brussels/ Amsterdam director Frank Devos brings us deep into the disturbing world of social media addicts in a comic new 3-minute viral “Social Media Addicts Association Meeting” for Sony VAIO W Series out of NASCOM, Brussels, Belgium. The viral documents a Social Media Addicts Association (S.M.A.A.) meeting in which a string of addicts divulge their darkest Twitter, Facebook and MySpace-related secrets.

“S.M.A.A. Meeting” opens on several members admitting in various ways how social media has caused them to “loose everything.” We then cut to a young man ‘sharing’ to a group of fellow addicts, “I’m Mark. I have 700 friends on Facebook. I’ve got one special friend… we’ve been chatting for over a month-in-a-half now… the past few weeks she hasn’t been replying as often as she did… and I poked her earlier in the week and so far she hasn’t poked back.” Mark shifts in his shoes awkwardly before the group leader steps up to thank him for sharing. The group leader turns back to the others and spots another man on top of a bench, literally writing on the wall. The leader barks, “Matt! Matt! Stop writing on the wall please. Look, I know it’s hard.” Matt droops his head and mopes back to his seat.

The leader asks for another speaker -- no takers -- so he motions to a quiet girl who steps up and introduces herself as Newblood22. She states, “I haven’t accepted any new friend requests in three days and I didn’t publish any new pictures of my cat either.” The scene then cuts to her crying as she guiltily confesses, “But I did open two new Twitter accounts.” The leader cuts her off sympathetically, “The important thing is that you’re trying, right?” All of the members are then invited to join in a group hug and shout their mantra, “Log out, shut down, get out!” over and over again. Mid-chant, the leader’s gaze shifts to a distracted young man in back playing on his computer. “Hold it, hold it. Frank? Frank what are you doing? Are you on your Twitter account?” asks the group leader. Clearly he is. The leader goes on, “I’m really disappointed in you Frank.” Frank looks down in shame and mumbles, “Sorry.”

The viral ends with the group leader facing the camera threatening, “And don’t even think about putting that on the Internet!” and we cut to a Sony VAIO W laptop and super, “VAIO W Series: Not Approved By SMAA.”

Film advertisement created by Nascom, Belgium for Sony, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: NASCOM, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director / Copywriter: Stephane Leborgne
Account Director: Taki Tsaklanos
Sound Mixer: Roeland Schampaert
Editing Company: Dandv, Belgium
Editor: Gert van Berckelaer
Production Company: Caviar, Los Angeles/Brussels/Amsterdam (out of Brussels)
Director / Copywriter: Frank Devos
Director of Photography: Gerd Schelfhout
Executive Producer: Dieter Lebbe
Producer: Geert De Wachter
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Nice campaign

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is not a campaign.

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As virals go, this will have about one millionth of the hits the, let's say, evian babies ad had. Which goes to prove that trying to be too clever is indistinguishable from being too dull.

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Ki a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really cool...

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Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

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What can you tell me? Does this look for the same idea?


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It's like not the same at all... It's like saying a cat and a dog are the same animal because they both have hair and 4 legs...

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