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November 2008


Film advertisement created by TBWA, United Kingdom for Sony, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, London, UK
Creative Director: Al Young
Creatives: Lee Tan, Graeme Bowman, Senan Lee
Agency Producer: Esme Fisher
Production Company: Joyrider
Director: Reuben Sutherland
Producer: Spencer Friend
DP: Jonas Mortenson
Editor: Reuben Sutherland, Joyrider
3D Animation: Matt Westrup, Russell Boyd, Joyrider
Compositing: Reuben Sutherland, Joyrider
Grading: Joyrider & The Mill
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sneakyhands's picture

i think we have the wrong ad. this one is for motor storm, not resistance 2.

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Crisp One's picture

If anybody knows of the Crusty's Demons of Dirt Video Series which have been around for over 10 years now, you will agree with me that this is a rip off. Done for their opening credits on one of the films.

Crisp One
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SeanMartin's picture

"Hey dudes! Let's take a bunch of motorcycles and stuff up in a plane and then send them smashing to the ground! Wont that make a sweet ad?"

I'm starting to find this kind of wasteful destruction just stupid and not worth supporting.


No, I am not a media buyer.

Guest commenter's picture

"No, I'm not a media buyer" thats pretty damn funny

Guest commenter
coolcatdaddy's picture

Advertising isn't about who we are, it's about who we want to be. It seems videogames are about that as well.

The demographic for this ad is interested in a) things that have big motors, b) things that move very fast, c) things that fly, and d) acts of atheletic ability.

On the other hand, this demographic stays at home and plays video games alot, so they don't usually get their hands on things that have big motors, things that are fast or things that fly. They also don't generally jump out of airplanes. But, they do enjoy watching someone else jump out of an airplane doing a crazy stunt.

So, yeah, this ad is very good for that demographic. If it also included things exploding and girls with big boobs, it would be perfect.

Alper Iseri's picture

Cool new feature of Aliens here at Resistance 2. Fight the Motorcycles!! :-))

Alper Iseri
Guest's picture

Get the right ad you incompetent people

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