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While the idea is rather generic and the line at the end is crappy and it goes 4 seconds too long for a 30 spot, the girl is extremely attractive and therefore I like it.

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...Why do they even bother making a commercial when they can just put up a picture of a hot girl for 30 seconds and then command you to buy a certain product. They'll save millions.

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Yeah, anyone remember the Bill Hicks skit about Coke and Snickers adverts?

Involved a naked showgirl pleasuring herself with the word Coke underneath it. He reckoned that would be the ad that sold the most cans of coke.

I think he was being sarcastic.

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I was just thinking of that bit. Hillarious. The best part is that in unrelated bits involving sex he would always end with the line "and for some reason, I feel like a coke."

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I think the idea is very old, but I'd should would give the girl a couple of lions.

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has anyone seen the film Old Men in New Cars? the robbery scene, when this guy named Ludvig is pulling off his mask to ask that girl if she wants to go out with him? was so much better...

i like the "woo woo woo" at the end when the logo's shown.

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Not clever enough to win a Lion

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