Sliced the Movie

July 2007
Advertising Agency: Gjp Advertising, Toronto, Canada
Creative director: Lisa Greenberg
Copywriters: Alex Wittholz
Art directors: Christina Gliha, Gerald Flach, Irene Pau
Agency producer: Kat Ledgett
Production company: Helios Design Labs, Toronto
Director: Alex Wittholz
Media agency: GJP Advertising
Media: Karina Tano, Jamie Reardon
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Andal's picture

Funny, not hilarious, but funny.
Smart and Funny Signature.

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Copywriter |

It's so easy to critic.

bluefish's picture

Put me off drinking juice for a veeeeeeeery long time. Oh well, for today at least.

Nice idea, but seems a bit over the top.

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Chico Ribeiro's picture

Loved it!
Nothing outstanding, but that's how advertising today must be. Integrated medias, viral entertainment movies, etc...
I believe the violent concept matches the target.

Chico Ribeiro
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Art Director
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