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May 2017


SkyTeam, the global alliance of 20 airlines, is launching a travel-themed web series : SkyTeam Stories.

SkyTeam, developed the branded content in partnership with its ad agencies, BETC Paris and BETC Content. The web series takes us through the daily lives of five travelers around the world and gives us a peak into the offering of SkyTeam.

Each of the travelers featured in the series, coming from all around the world, are experts in their domain. In the films, they share their common passion for traveling.

The web series will start airing on May 2nd on the social media channels of SkyTeam and on a dedicated space on its website. The member airlines of the SkyTeam alliance will also show the films in their airport lounges and on their digital platforms.

To expand on the theme of the SkyTeam Stories, a digital activation will take place in June, offering the public a chance to know which traveler they are through an online quiz. They will also be able to take part into a contest to win a world tour according to their travel preferences.

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Film advertisement created by BETC, France for SkyTeam, within the category: Transport.

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