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This just looked like dumbass kids being annoying in public. If this is what Sony thinks appeals to young people they're reading into the viral trends a bit to literally. iPod killer this is not.

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stupid, stupid, stupid

Paul January
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i agree. totally stupid

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ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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This is really stupid indeed. What do you want your target audience to do? To molest a city? Nice job S&S! Even better for Sony to aprove a thing like this...

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I like it. It's fun to watch. Finally a street viral again.

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Wow... that's cool!
I wonder how they filmed it. The reactions of the people look so real...

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life is too short, shake it ;-)

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Reminds me of an Ecstasy trip I had quite a while back! And I admit it was probably da stupidest thing I had ever done.

This is a weak idea...very weak. Music could be so much better. Has anyone seen the video fr " Push the Tempo" by Fatboyslim? Similar music & theme cud be ideal fr this ad...

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I like Music and Video.
Dont no whats the matter?! Also the mobile feature seems to be crap, the clip is good and defintily looks real.
I dont feel that my times wasted... maybe I should have taken mo XTC! ;-)

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i agree with Macacao! funny idea, funny video! and nothing else counts .... by the way, the average vote of 7.2 is really not that bad! :)

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He, Asskids...i like this stuff.
The Spot is groovy, the music too.
For the Troublemaker here...close your eyes, then you know what are you.

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i like this video too, it's great.

munich city :-)

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Lets see how many "anonymous" posters we can get to say they think this ad is awesome. So far everyone whose verified has agreed this is crap. Maybe Saatchi & Saatchi, Frankfurt has a really bored PR department.

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@Blahg: Funny that you think people are not allowed to write they like the vid.
Also I would like Saatchi to pay me for telling it, its only my opinion.

No dark conspiracy so far...
Hail to the powerful weapon of verification!
3 Users :-)

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I never said that I didn't think people should be allowed to write that they liked the vid. I was pointing out how the only people, so far, willing to do so were people who did so anonymously.

The video is just plain bad and I was making a point that all of the people pronouncing that its a masterpiece could easily be the same people who submitted/made the piece.

There is no conspiracy, its pretty well known that the people behind the ads often come to AOTW and cheerlead for them, often as unverified users, like yourself.

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O my God Blahg. Feel free to spread your comments.
The thing is: your comments are cheap and obvious. I hope that all users read all your comments you wrote on the other films.
And it's amazing what strange movies you celebrate!
Your comments always follow the same mechanism... hm... and I wonder why?

Anyway. This is a cute little spot. Maybe a little too long here and there. But really entertaining.
Well done!

oops... I'm anonymous!

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i really do like that stuff, well done, nice to watch, kind of streetstylie, young and dynamic...shakie:)
and ooops i´m anonymous too...what the fuck we´re not here to discuss about having an account on AOTW..ans yes i do know people worked on that piece and as i´m also working in film buisness and knowing how much work it takes i don´t have to be ashame to say THAT`S KIND OF NICE STUFF WELL DONE GUYS
@ blagh we already noticed that YOU don´t like it so get happy with your nicie little account and your point of view and stop annoying everybody else

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Are you out of your mind?
Are you criticizing the free and hidden opinions at AOTW?
I'm a "guest" here since 6 months and I don't need comments like this from a frustrated semi-pro.
I'm proud to be a "guest".

The film is extremly funny. But probably I'm too old to understand it completely.

But who says the spot plays in Munich?
To me it looks like a scandinavian city.
Also the website is from Sweden.

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oh sorry i´m the next guest. and i like it too. i think the spot plays in canada, maybe.

Dana Chicago
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Hi guys...please remember why we are here...not to blast comments about other agencies...and people. We are here to look at the work and maybe say what we think. Agree that the spot isn't the best viral ive ever seen - its o.k and could do much better with a little changes here and there but what the hell...tweak it and we are good...look at the glass half full and not half empty...and stop ganging up on Blahg..its a free world - Blahg dont make this personal and immature by pointing fingers at companies (very childish)

All you ad people out there take care!


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