冒险记, 剧院

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March 2010

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Flash开发: Pixelpusher, STEM Ltd.

Film advertisement created by DDB, United States for Scoop Away, within the category: House, Garden.

广告代理: DDB San Francisco, USA
首席创意官: Lisa Bennett
首席策略官: Stacey Grier
内容制作总监: Frank Books
客户群总监: Vicki Sanders
创意群总监: Mike Andrews
创意总监: Heather Reid
美术指导: Sean Flores
文案: Billy Leyhe
广告监制: Mia Lischer
制作公司: Alchemy/Lunch
导演: Eric Makila/Jamie Webster
动画监制: Stefani Kouverianos
互动监制: Amy Miranda
VFX / 在线: Kaz Shibata (Soho)
VFX艺术师: Jamie Webster
声音设计 / 音乐: Six Degrees
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Phil Lestino's picture

Oh it is a cat litter but am unsure why one of the characters keeps breaking up...funny but unclear

Phil Lestino
Activity Score 1682
ivan's picture

That's 'cos you never used this product. :) The one breaking up is the non-so good product that doesn't stick together that well.

Activity Score 12
Creative Director at Ads of the World
Ed Rapport's picture

lol.. i get the point now that it's Clumply (Scoop Away) hanging out with the competing product crumbly..

Ed Rapport
Activity Score 724
Copywriter at Bookshop Ads - Advertising Portfolio Workshop - Copywriting
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