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September 2009

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Creative Director, Broadcast Spot Co-Director: Simon Needham

Film advertisement created by Attik, United States for Scion, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: ATTIK, San Francisco, CA, USA
Associate Creative Directors: Ron Lim, Stan Zienka
Production / Animation Company: Shilo
City / State / Country: Bicoastal, USA
Director: Simon Needham (ATTIK) and Shilo
Creative Director / Lead Designer: Jose Gomez
Associate Creative Director / Lead Designer: Evan Dennis
Executive Producer: Santino Sladavic
Lighting Director of Photography: Dana Christiansen (Method)
Producer: Jake Hibler
Editor: Adam Bluming
3D Animators: Cody Smith, Jessse Franklin, Henning Koczy, Gene Arvan
Telecine: Company 3, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Colorist: Clark Muller
Visual Effects Company: Method Studios
City / State / Country: Bicostal, USA
Executive Producer: Gabby Gourier
Producer: Leighton Greer
CG Supervisor: Chris Nichols
Compositing Supervisor: Chris Bankoff
Flame Artist: Marguerite Cargill
Lighting Supervisor: Daniel Buck
CG Artists: Scott Metzger, Felix Uriquiza, Alexander Lee, Didier Levy, Dave Carlson
Nuke Compositors: Ryan Raith, Jake Maymudes
Music Company: Face The Music
City / State / Country: Bicoastal, USA
Executive Producer: Adam Joseph
Composers / Sound Designer: Tony Shimkin, Tom Burbank
Additional Sound Designer: Michael Schmidt
Mixer: David Carden
Final Mix: Lime Studios, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Mixer: Loren Silber
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After JWT did Ford's new ads many car companies wanted to imitate Ford. but they all fail

Viva la JWT!

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outsmart me, if you can

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i have to admit that the graphix are cool but it feels that this is a video when you are choosing your car in need for speed game, unless it is meant to show it as a mere sporting car..

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Why must you hurt me so? WHY?! Egh.

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the creative team must hate their client ...very very very much

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I like the line "Become one of us by becoming none of us." But that was about all I liked.

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Agree with kgeiger. The line is awesome.
Graphics are awesome too...not too sure about the idea though.

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