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September 2013


Logan Wilmont, executive creative director at Cheil UK, commented: “Samsung is known for the calibre and innovation of its TV range and the OLED TV is the latest in that long and prestigious line. OLED isn't simply another TV, it is a high end luxury purchase, and we approached it in that Way. So the ad isn’t about features and technology, but the emotional response that technology creates. It focuses on the fact that this breakthrough design and technology creates even more natural images that gets you closer, that you’re more enveloped by every image.”

Film advertisement created by Cheil, United Kingdom for Samsung, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, UK
Executive Creative Director: Logan Wilmont
Art Director / Copywriter: Simon Friedberg
Director: Bruno Aveillan
Production: Quad Films
Post production: Digital District
Offline Editor: Emilie Orsini
Online Editor: Bruno Maillard
Record Company: Milligramme
Composer / Arranger: Raphael Ibanez
Cast: Dafne Brutomesco
Vo: Philomina Kilgour
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germeni's picture

Great !

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Creative Director at Publicity Argentina
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Art Director
kleenex's picture

The ad does look nice, but I am not so sure a curved TV set is that better of a TV set.

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Web Designer/Developer
Meredith Singh's picture

Terrible. They squandered their USP. Weak thinking.

The first 58 seconds could be for any TV. Then they only make a passing mention of the fact this TV has a curved screen right at the end.

In the description it says, "the ad isn’t about features and technology, but the emotional response that technology creates."

Sony Balls managed to create an emotional response and bring it back to the fact Sony TVs have good colour. Here they've managed to create a generic/wallpaper ad for a potentially interesting product.

Meredith Singh
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Art Director
Spanky's picture

A TV with pixels. Strange no one thought of making one before.

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new_Ogilvy's picture

They missed their USP. Every TV has pixels. nice craft though.

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morse's picture

Nice film.

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Art Director |

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peshawa.sofi's picture

are you trying to make an ad and sale the product, or a movie like Terrence Malick ones. not good.

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Other at Asiacell
efereyes's picture

nice shots, and i like the concept.

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Art Director at Proximity |


Mongoose's picture

I find it very weak, nothing compelling and choice of VO is terrible. Overall its a flat ad.

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Art Director at Lime Lite Studio |

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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