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November 2015


Film advertisement created by DDB, Latvia for Road Traffic Safety Department Latvia, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Latvia
Creative Director: Vairis Strazds
Art Director: Pēteris Līdaka
Managing Director: Andris Rubīns
Account Director: Didzis Paeglis
Strategic Director: Kristaps Silins
Copywriter: Reinis Piziks
Account Managers: Ilze Mezite, Madara Ramane
Production Company: Film angels productions
Director: Roberts Kulenko
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el tigre
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Dear Mr. Kleenex:

After almost 5 years of reading your comments I have a very special request for you, would you please be so kind to upload a link with your portfolio? Im sure everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) of the fellow users of this wonderful site would be thrilled to se it, most likely someone with that much time taken to see and comment every single ad has an expertise in advertising no one else has, It can´t certainly be all word right? Im sure you also have a lot of work! and It must be amazing.

In case you are wondering, no I have nothing to do with this campaign, in fact im going to raply you with this message in every single coment you make destrpiyng some one else work, and in case you are still wondering, yes I am a well known advertiser, with some 40+ lions amongs others, If you do upload your portfolio (doubtly) I will contact you via the link you provide on this very thread and maybe (maybe) I can offer you a job and get you out of moms basement. That is assuming you don´t already have one in a top agency like W+K, Mother, or 72 and Sunny.

Sincerely, Me.

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At least they tried

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It feels very forced. Why interrogation? Just personalizing the road neither makes it creative, nor impressive.

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