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March 2017

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Film advertisement created by Publicis, France for Renault, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Marcelo Vergara
Art Director: Arnaud Jolivel
Copywriter: Yannick Savioz
Account Directors: Patrick Lara, Karim Ben Hamida, Sylvain Michel, Carine de Oliveira
Project Manager: Gwladys Woimant
Creative Technologist: Julien Mahe
Production Director: Mathieu Chartier
Director: Pierre Zandrowicz
Producer: Antoine Cayrol
Production Company: OKIO Studio
Production Manager: Julien Bercy
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It must have been a cool experience.

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i like it

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It must have been a cool experience.

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so cool

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I think the way this ad is presented really grabs my attention, first with the VR simulation and making it with cool visual. Then when they got off the plane and everything started to happen to them in real life it got my attention even more because the stuff happening in the VR simulation happened again but in real life making it actual virtual reality. The ad then makes me think like “wow I wonder how cool that would be to be in that situation or to have all the stuff being re-created around me.” Like for that to happen to me would be so exciting and attention grabbing and almost feel like an unreal experience. So, watching it as a viewer really grabs my curiosity. Also, even though the ad was kind of long and had a lot of reading it still really kept my attention being able to see the reaction of the people in the ad and seeing how excited they were to have all of this happen to them. After seeing this ad and not knowing what the brand was at first, my attention has been grabbed enough to do my research on the brand to see what it is and what kind of cars they make.

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Simply amazing!

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Great idea, cool

Agencia Marketi...
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