Give New Voices a Voice

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October 2020


There’s an incredible group of young, diverse filmmakers waiting for their moment to shine. We just need to give them a shot. That’s the message of “Give new Voices a Voice”, the new campaign developed by FUSE Create for Reel Start, a not-for-profit organization that empowers kids to change their world through filmmaking.

The video campaign spotlights Reel Start students and alumni standing in their neighbourhoods, passionately talking about their films. What they don’t realize however, is that no one can hear them. "These kids have powerful stories to tell." says FUSE Create Creative Director Patrice Pollack. “We want viewers to realize that we need to hear their voices now more than ever, and to feel frustrated that we can’t."

Film advertisement created by FUSE, Canada for Reel Start, within the categories: Media, Movies, Public Interest, NGO.

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