Pussycat Dolls

September 2007



Melody Tunes is the first fully English Music Video channel in the Middle East.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Director: Mohamed Hamdalla
Art Directors: Tameem Younes, Magd El Sherif, Mohamed Fouad
Copywriter: Mariam Hamdy
Account manager: Ahmad Fahmy
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proverbialthought's picture

Whoa Boy, this is original... Let's poke fun at the chubby girl because she is not an anorexic slut. This is so overdone and typical... Maybe they should get clever and show heavy women throwing up and eating ice for dinner if they are so intent on showing chubby women imitating skinny women.

Culture In Ads: www.culturaltheology.org

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kalpesh78's picture

these are awesome... loved em..

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ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

ultraboon222's picture

Love them or hate them, they keep you watching the whole ad and you might even talk about it at work the next day. I think that was the point.

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Too many cooks in the kitchen....

j2mango's picture

so sad
so funny
i wish the guy who done it would marry a fat girl,haha!

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Laurent's picture

proverbialthought think again. I don't see them making fun at the girls, on the contrary i see sexy big-size girls. i think overweight people in your mind are set as victims by default. i'm sorry to say it but your comment is probably the only thing discriminatory here. overweight people have the right just like anyone else to be portrayed as sexy and hype.

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proverbialthought's picture

I see your point Laurent, but do not 100% agree. I do not at all see big women as victims by default; and quite the contrary. Actually, in my culture meatier women are rather celebrated. What I see is an ad campaign that centers around unlikely performing pop music. The old lady singing Candy Shop. Why is that ironic? Because she is old. What is ironic about these people singing this song?

Honestly, I would have liked for the guy to leave the little lady at the end. As a matter of disclosure, if you snoop around the web enough you will see that my wife is both short and petite, so this opinion is not about personal experiences, it's what I saw when I watched the three ads.

Culture In Ads: www.culturaltheology.org

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Guest's picture

Guys in Egypt, these ads are rocking by the way .. people love them .. it's based on a local insight, people who speak English poorly in a funny way .. even the tag is said in that funny way .. that's the idea!

optix's picture

great ideas man, love'em

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