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is this a joke?? At the end the truck says POO noodle!!!

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Its graffiti

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"Pot Noodle: A Pot Noeldle Christmas" is irresistible. You'd have to be Ebenezer Scrooge not to walk away from your computer smiling.

Reality Check
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Lovely job. Pot Noodle has always suffered from its own reputation, as a cheap hunger-plug for students whose knowledge of cooking involves switching on the kettle. This is a nice nod to that, and with the down at heel neighbourhood, with requisite vandals, punches at just the right weight. Cute claymation spot, nicely done.

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there wont be a huge chunk of chicken.. nor will the portion size be so big.

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Haha that stuff inside the pot looks GROSSSSSSS! Lovely animation and cute jokes, I like.

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When good talent is used to advertise crap, that's what you get. I had a good time watching however.

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Cute ad, self aware but memorable and who doesn't love animation like this?

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