Everything Starts From Love

December 2018


In occasion of 70th anniversary of Porada, his founder Luigi Allievi (interpreted by Silvestro Sammaritano) remembers how he fell in love with wood while sketching and producing a new chair.

Written and Directed by: Edoardo Sandulli
Cinematographer: Simone Biagini
Producer: Federico Notaro
Editor: Marcello Sanna
Music Composed and Performed by: Carmelo Patti, Giulia Monti
Sound Design: Daniele De Virgilio
Stylist: Simona Carippo
MUA: Elisa Cuccu
MUA: Romina Pascual
1AC: Stefano Sola
Gaffer: Fabio Massari
Best Boy: Marco Scudellaro
Backstage Photographer: Laura Carugati
Lights and Camera by: AMG International Milano
Starring: Silvestro Sammaritano, Marta Viidas, Ludovico Fontanesi
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