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January 2013


Film advertisement created by Red Tettemer, United States for Planet Fitness, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Red Tettemer + Partners, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red
Executive Creative Director: Steve O'Connell
Creative Directors: Bryon Lomas, Todd Taylor, Joey Crawford
Associate Creative Director: Clarence Bradley
Art Directors: Bryon Lomas, Todd Taylor
Copywriters: Joey Crawford, Clarence Bradley
Producer: Joe Mosca
Account Executives: Perry Morris, Elizabeth Latham
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Mike Maguire
Director of Photography: Neil Shapiro
Executive producer: Colleen O'Donnell
Line Producer: Scott Kaplan
Editing House: Red Tettemer + Partners
Editor: Vic Carreno
Producer: Joe Mosca
Colorist: Janet Falcon / Shooters Post, Transfer
Audio Engineer: Bob Schachner / Shooters Post, Transfer
Music House: Milkboy Recording
Composer: Tommy Joyner
Producer: Cody Cichowski
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Highest Rated

DavidShao's picture

Their not a real gym, their planet fitness. I believe the ad targets females as well and females usually do not do free weights: mostly cardio.

Activity Score 42
Marketing Manager |

Vector Marketing

tazyboy's picture

nice and strong concept.

Activity Score 777
Art Director
aeroxy's picture

I like the tall one.

Activity Score 89
Creative Director at Parsons The New School For Design
Spanky's picture

The tagline is really close to HBO's.

Activity Score 4895
Klara K.'s picture

Yes, you are. You are a gym. Pleasant and welcoming gym, might be. The USP could be formulated better. But that's a marketing issue not advertising one.

Klara K.
Activity Score 3343
Charles University in Prague
Feysless's picture


Activity Score 2645
Art Director |

groovy baby!

philippertl's picture

I was always wondering if this kind of positioning worked. Don't people who join think they are joining an ugly people's gym? Isn't part of going to the gym seeing hot people?

Activity Score 656
Graphic Designer |

Please vote for us!

CommandZ's picture

From my POV that would be a no. I could care less. I go to get in a solid work out, but you end up having to work around all the posing and preening types. And they ultimately slow you down because they're taking their time, lollygagging around, especially when you're doing circuit training. The guys are worse than the girls.

This positioning seems weak because no matter what, this happens at all of the health clubs/gyms etc. But I think I need to watch this spot several more times just to be sure.

Activity Score 2515
Creative Director
Spanky's picture

People go there because it's only $10 a month. Not because it's not a real gym. As far as gyms go, they kind of suck. Not many free weights. So they don't get serious body builders by default.

Activity Score 4895
DavidShao's picture

Their not a real gym, their planet fitness. I believe the ad targets females as well and females usually do not do free weights: mostly cardio.

Activity Score 42
Marketing Manager |

Vector Marketing

Kikin's picture

Insight detected.

Activity Score 210
Creative Director at Chief of innovation at Performance, Lima Perú |

Think. Then think again.

kleenex's picture

This ad is hot, the other one is not.

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
VampAd's picture

I laugh. Both of them.

Activity Score 1151
Jackbr's picture

Power concept

Activity Score 1500
Art diretor |


ankitadv's picture

so good hot

Activity Score 818
R U serious's picture

Right... who would want to work out in a gym packed with slutty hot chicks? ... I mean... other than EVERY BODY! UUUHUUUUU!!!!

R U serious
Activity Score 416

Say my name, say my name...

whcgonzo's picture

Is this ad supposed to make me want to go to a lunk-filled gym to study lunks in the natural environment? Because it does that.

Activity Score 76
Copywriter at Area 51
goldi's picture

could be better..

Activity Score 346
General Manager
paintpops's picture

just because it's called "planet fitness" doesn't make it different from any other gym

Activity Score 207
brincat's picture

It's a matter of fact that everybody feels uncomfortable when starts to go to the gym.
For me the insight is very clear. The spot is naturally hyperbolic. But the message is absolutly direct: 10$ to get better without feeling uncomfortable.

Activity Score 15
Marketing Manager at Sisal Spa |

Davide Nova

Lisbon freak's picture

Thumbs up.

Lisbon freak
Activity Score 496
Creative Director at Toronto
advertising-ads's picture

good workout

Activity Score 6
Web Designer/Developer
MJones675's picture

I'm not in their target audience but I still approve of the ad =]

Activity Score 16
Media Buyer at Boulder, CO
Martin777's picture


Activity Score 365
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