The Big Race

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August 2018


Who will win the “Great Technology race”? all of us!

The plaCMOS project will enable so many categories to run their applications 8 times faster categories like: Medical research, climate and space research, online shopping and the media creating a better future for us all. This groundbreaking project is comprised of seven leading companies under the commission of the European Union that have joined forces and created an Interconnect that will accelerate data transfers by 8 times.

Film advertisement created by Mellanox Technologies, Israel for plaCMOS project, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Mellanox Technologies Creative, Tel Aviv, Israel
VP Creative: Moshe Gellis
Creative Director / Art Supervisor: Ziv Almog
Art Directors: Avi Cohen, Yael Slabetzky
Copywriter / Social Media:Edan Gilboa
Video Editor: Tal Miller
Producer: Eli Harduf
Production Company: Udini
Director: Yaron Shilon
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funny :D

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funny :D

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did not impress me much.

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