We're not crazy, we're just friends

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May 2013


Film advertisement created by Phantasia, Peru for Pilsen Callao, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Phantasia, Lima, Peru
Executive Creative Director: José Aburto
Creative Director: Diego Sugai
Copywriter: Jim Torres
Art Director: Augusto Landauro
Planner: Alvaro Bretel
Account Director: Paul Thorndike
Account Supervisor: Carlos Bernal
Account Executive: Vania Martinez de Pinillos
Agency Producer: Rocío Ríos
Production Director: Señor Z
Photography: Fergan Chavez
Technical Producer: Edmundo Febres
Post Production: Makaco
Audio: La Sound Facktory
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Beer for losers?

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"we're not crazy.
we're "patas" (a slang way to say friends, im not sure if there is some other connotation)

beer for true friends."

im not sure what to make of it. i think it's fun. the message doesnt quite fit as nicely as what's shown. idk.

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I like.

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I like it too.

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The casting choice was a bit extreme. This is clearly targeted at men in their late 20s, early 30s and they've chosen unattractive men that are non-threatening for male viewers, men that can be perceived as friends and that are friends to each other. Other than that it hits the spot on how childish and idiotic men can be around their closest friends! No one else will get that behaviour but them. This rings true at least for the country it was intended for. Good job, it's fun.

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