November 2010


We had to advertise the Pilot Frixion Pen, focusing on its differential: the pen allows people to write or draw with one end, and to erase with the other one. We positioned it as the perfect tool for all kind of "creative" users, thinkers, writers, illustrators, students, kids. Every creative process starts with an idea. But in order to make something brilliant out of it, you have rectify, change, improve. Creation is based on an intensive and sometimes long-running process. So we took the probably most stunning creation process ever, the evolution of species, as theme for our product demo.

Executive Creative Director: Jürgen Krieger
Creative Directors: Óscar Amodia
Strategic Planner: Domènec Salvía
Director Boolab: Martin Alleis
Sound Studio: Ideasonora
Audio Clip Music: Franzl Lang / Mei Vater is a Appenzeller
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Many say 'change the music' but doesn't give a clue of which one they would choose

I would suggest this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYUDkb4t1Ro

jackmancer2017's picture

Lovely animation but wtf is up with that soundtrack. Not fitting and a tad annoying.

LeeHarvey's picture

I wouldn't call that a tad. The music ruins the great animation. Change it before it's too late!

Activity Score 3043
Creative Director
morse's picture

Yeah, the music makes me take 2 stars away.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

josh n.'s picture

i like it.. well done..

josh n.
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Art Director at Miami Ad School - New York |


DBB's picture

Amazing, only change the music .. :)

Activity Score 1216
Guest's picture

.love it.

New Nice and Fun's picture

The animation is great and so is the music which is so offbeat! Put a smile on my face!

I'm more concerned about the fact that he is a lefthander !

New Nice and Fun
Activity Score 377
decreative's picture

I love it; Indeed I like the Pilot pens;

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Graphic Designer at TONIC Communications LLC
talkingisfree's picture

Very good, agree with the music, could be much better.

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Art Director
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what the hell u all r talking about? the music is awesome!

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So entertaining! The music is only fitting once the character evolves into a fat man in the water. Prior to that, the tune is a little distracting for me.

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My only issue here is the fact that I don't have time to see the brand or the pen's name at the end because I'm focusing on the word "EVOLVE." I felt like I watched a 60 second commercial and had NO IDEA what it was for.

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Many say 'change the music' but doesn't give a clue of which one they would choose

I would suggest this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYUDkb4t1Ro

LeeHarvey's picture

No no no that's even worse!

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Creative Director
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I liked it, very fresh and creative!

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Graphic Designer
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Nice and simple.

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I love it!

josehoyos81's picture

I love it!

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Copywriter at Wysiwyg | Razorfish
ivan's picture

Here is the same concept in reverse from 2005

Creative Director at Ads of the World
darijan's picture

Like the idea, the beginning reminded me on ...

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Abhilasha Thackur's picture

a fun concept..

Abhilasha Thackur
Activity Score 30
Deloitte U.S- India |

Abhilasha Thackur

Mrs Ozma Nawaz's picture

very cool idea i love it

Mrs Ozma Nawaz
Activity Score 20
Art Director at Eiman Ad Communication |

Ozma Nawaz

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