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January 2013


Pepsi Cola in China is well known for producing celebrity-studded Chinese New Year extravaganzas every year. For 2013, we created something a little different for them. While the main commercial was being filmed, we went behind the scenes to ask the stars involved very personal questions about what and who represents "family" to them. Their answers were stitched together, in addition to those from ordinary people, in a documentary that asks all of us never to forget, in the season of family reunion, the "family" we chose along life's journey. "It's not just the family we have, it's also the family we choose."

Film advertisement created by Civilization, China for Pepsi, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Civilization, China
Production House: Key Point
Director: Anthony Levi Kho
Cinematographers: Anthony Levi Kho, Kar-Shun Soo
Producers: Chris Tsao, Wayne Woo
Post Production House: TPO / Live Plus
Offline Editor: Fan Fan, Denney Ni
Online Editor: Cici Deng
Colourist: Jimmy Wang
Music Production House: Soundness / Drum Music
Composers: Andrew Lok, Eddie Chung
Music Arrangement: Eddie Chung, Kevin Shih, Zhi-Wen Jin (cover of "We are a family")
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