Own it. Period.

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September 2021


For some reason, talking about the period (something magical that all/most women get every month) is shameful. We wanted to remove the stigma and start talking about it in a society that is conservative. We created the Ultimate Period Kit for girls to put their pads and tampons in, as well as heat pads and some essential oils and herbal teas. And we created a song to go with it enticing and encouraging girls not to be ashamed of their cycles and to own their periods. Periods are magical. Own it. Period.

Film advertisement created by Allthingsdibo, Egypt for Palma, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Allthingsdibo, Cairo, Egypt
Director: Dibo
Creative Director: Dibo
Marketing Communication Strategist: Dibo
Director Of Photography: Mohamed Soliman
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