These are no ordinary undies - They're Overies!

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April 2019
Ovarian Cancer Australia: These are no ordinary undies - They're Overies!
Ovarian Cancer Australia Film Ad - These are no ordinary undies - They're Overies!


We have joined forces with two of Australia’s favourite underwear brands (Bonds/Bras N Things) to create a campaign to raise awareness and much-needed funds in order to combat ovarian cancer!

Ovarian cancer doesn’t have the equivalent recognition or support of other female cancers. Such a low profile makes fundraising a challenge and leaves the women, who are living with the disease, feeling isolated and neglected

We collaborated with Australia’s favourite underwear brands – Bonds and Bras N Things – to develop a mass awareness campaign that called upon all Australians to become heroes simply by purchasing underwear. Only in this case, they’re no ordinary undies – they’re Overies. You wear them over your pants on World Ovarian Cancer Day, like a true hero. 100% of profits go directly to Ovarian Cancer Australia to save lives. Together we can fight Australia’s deadliest female cancer.

Film advertisement created by 10 feet tall, Australia for Ovarian Cancer Australia, within the categories: Fashion, Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: 10 Feet Tall, Australia
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