Alien Field Trip

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May 2010


Film advertisement created by The Escape Pod, United States for Oscar Mayer, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: The Escape Pod, Chicago, Il USA
Production Company: Smuggler, Los Angeles, Ca Usa
Director: Jon Watts
Exec. Producer: Kent Kwiatt (The Escape Pod)
Line Producer: Norm Reiss
Exec. Producer: Brian Carmody (Smuggler)
Creative Director: Vinny Warren
Creative: Allan Stevenson/jim Olson
Graphics / animation: Dana Krzysztofiak
Editor: Matt Walsh/whitehouse Chicago
Sound Design: Grant Martin/static Studios Chicago
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kalpesh78's picture

No wonder US ppl are so demented. Aliens... Area51. Gosh get a life guys...

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Chief Creative Officer at Uniqish Brand Creche |

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

Guest's picture

Ok, let´s lie to children, let them have a great disappointment and than tll them that it was a lunchable comencial.....

Quinner's picture

Love it. Loved the reactions of the kids. Brilliant.

Activity Score 48
General Manager
atb2005's picture

This was all staged. I highly doubt the kids didn't know (at least their parents did). That said, this wasn't published in May, but April or earlier.

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Temple's picture

No wonder 25% of americans don't believe man has been to the moon.

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Creative Director
sirvan's picture

Seems mean

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

Hibon's picture

Great... if one day this happens for real hope it will be with kids. (and not with you big guys and girls)

Activity Score 3734

Simple ideas are the best !

heritage85's picture

Totally awesome. I guess you have to be a parent to really appreciate this.

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Creative Director
Guest's picture

why kids are so stupid today? because everyone are trying to trick them, the television, the school, the govern, even aliens....

Guest's picture

I love it how the kids are more excited about being in a commercial than seeing an alien.

Krik Krak Krow's picture

I would have loved to see it all go terribly wrong when the girl enters the room with the aliens, culminating in the extinction of mankind.

Krik Krak Krow
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dollypoppin's picture

Unbelievable, what they did to those kids. LOL.

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Copywriter at Conceptboard Advertising |

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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