February 2018

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The title “Origins” came about as our way of paying homage to the pulse of Marmoset, to trace back the music to the people who make it all happen: our artists. They’re what keep us moving, their work is what inspires us — whether this be our roster artists or our own staff musicians. We’re infatuated with their stories, their backgrounds, struggles, and how they dream big. This was our way of saying, "we really like your music, thanks for letting us be one of your biggest fans."

Our origins might be from Portland, but we’re always on the go, at the ready for collaboration in any city. No place is foreign to us, we’ll be there to deliver when a project needs great music.

Director / Producer / Editor / Colorist: Josh Brine
Writers: Adam Souza, Josh Brine, Brian Hall
Creative Directors: Josh Brine, Brian Hall, Kat Olsen
Executive Producer: Ryan Wines
Production Consultant: Richard Beardsley
Line Producer: Jess Cassady
VFX Artist: Ivan Vidovic
Sound Design / Audio Post: Graham Barton
Production Assistants: Quinn Kennelly, Casey Wheeler
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