Keep Away From Power Lines

April 2018
Production: ATK PLN
Head of Production: Jim Riche
Executive Producer: Marvin Robinson
Executive Creative Director: Jose Gomez
Creative Director: Barrett Lewis
CG Supervisor: Patton Tunstall
Technical Supervisor: Jon Speer
Producer: Justin Skerpan
Animation: Dorian Soto, Ray Chase, John Durbin
Light / Comp Artists: Jeff Masters, Shannon Walsh
Modelers: Casey Kreft, Nathan Smithson, Sing Khamnouane
Lead Surfacing Artist: Meghann Robinson
Surfacing Artist: Megan Schaffer
Rigging Supervisor: Eric Baker
Rigging: Dan McCrummen, James Direen, Ryan Porter
Layout Supervisor: Joe Johnston
Layout Artist: Shane Wapskineh
Editorial Assistant: Steven Happel
Flame Artist: Mike Roy
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