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January 2010


Film advertisement created by BBH, Brazil for OMO, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Neogama BBH, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative: Fabio Astolpho, Eduardo Andrietta
Creative Directors: Márcio Ribas, Wilson Mateos
Chief Creative Officer: Alexandre Gama
Production Company: Delicatessen Filmes
Director: Gustavo Leme
DOP: Andre Modugno
Sound Design: Menina
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shahidali's picture

splendid execution. however, just when i saw the brand name on the screen i had tough time relating the brand or even the product category with the story board which is predominantly based on such high emotional platform. donno whether anyone else will share such reaction!

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


jackmancer2017's picture

It all made sense until the copy started to get on screen.

bubblestheclownfish's picture

This is terrible.

How can a piece SO well shot, SO emotional, SO strong, be diluted into something so stupid. I actually felt moved by this piece, but I'm totally with shahidali and jackmancer - as soon as that copy came up it was a complete let down - it came out of left field - as well as being a VERY weak tie-in. SO the insight is we all start out dirty - have fun with it - don't get me so emotionally engaged because it's the wrong direction to take it. What a waste of great camera work/storyboarding/talent. One of the most frustrating ads recently.

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Creative Director
zerocool's picture

I think these guys meant "off" not "of" but I guess it's from Brazil and they just changed the titles to put on AOTW

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jacknew1981's picture

Great and simple concept. Splendid execution. Hard category. Well done guys!

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cef's picture

"dirty is good" again, but this time more emotional.

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kindlovingsoul's picture

Huge disjoint between such beautiful cinematography and product.

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